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aca Fighting illegal harassment, criminal trespass, and theft of animals in your care. If you are an individual animal owner, rescue, sanctuary, shelter operator, farmer, barn owner, or breeder you already know you are a target of unscrupulous lawyers and rogue humane organizations that were given extensive animal control powers with no oversight and personal agenda.

Please donate generously to help fight abusive animal control.

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Humane society seizes cats

SPCAs and Humane Societies publicize the suffering of abused and neglected animals. All of us are familiar with the television commercials of heart-breaking stories of dogs and cats subjected to cruelty or abandonment.

Those stories are happening every day and there is no way local Humane Societies can rescue all of the animals in need.

Many animals are abandoned by their caretakers. Sometimes people must move and can't bring their pets. Frequently they take their pets to the local Humane Society, hoping to find a "good home" for the animal. Unfortunately, such shelters are chronically full, and the pets are killed or end up on the streets.

Kind-hearted people are needed to care for animals who would otherwise die a horrible death.

Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue is an exceptional refuge for chronically ill, terminal, and unwanted cats. Caroline's Kids staff and volunteers love, care for, play with, and cuddle these animals. They provide a home where unwanted cats can live out their lives in comfort. Caroline's Kids shelter is free-roaming, which means that cats that do not have a contagious, terminal disease can play, sleep, groom, and look out the windows as they choose. Caroline's Kids has cameras throughout the shelter that broadcast 24/7.

Sadly, Caroline's Kids owners and staff recently learned that not all Humane Societies are interested in helping animals. Many Humane Societies, in a growing trend, have been high-jacked by unscrupulous people interested only in making money. The local Humane Society has become a humane society in name only, threatening pet neglect charges to make money.

In November of 2016, Lake Humane personnel snatched more than half of the cats at Caroline's Kids and charged two staff members with pet neglect. Later the owners also were charged when they refused to falsely admit to pet neglect and to pay $48,000.00 (which they didn't have) to the Humane Society.

A trial where the jury only hears one side.

So – they went to trial two weeks ago. The judge wouldn't let the Caroline's Kids people show the jury videos of the happy cats at Caroline's Kids. Caroline's Kids was not allowed to show that Lake Humane had a pattern of what the judge called "predatory prosecutions" to extort money, or that the seized cats were suffering in dirty tiny cages in a warehouse for more than seven months without fresh air, sunlight, or exercise, damaging them physically and emotionally, or that cats who were healthy when seized were now sick and crippled.

So, of course, the Caroline's Kids staff and owners were found guilty. But we are fighting! We are appealing the unfair unconstitutional trial. Our lawyer is working almost for free but the costs of other things needed for an appeal – including a transcript of the trial – are expensive. The transcript alone probably will cost more than $14,000.00!!

Please help. After we overturn this conviction we can follow through with the lawsuit against Lake Humane that we filed in federal court allowing us to spread the word about high-jacked humane societies that are leaving a trail of broken pet owners and animals just to make money. Judges (and most people) don't realize that many humane societies have become conscienceless predators.

Please donate generously to help fight abusive animal control. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW MORE THAN EVER!

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