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    Love For Life Program

What will happen to your cats if something happens to you?
Who will care for them?


We have developed a comprehensive program to help you. With either option, Caroline's Kids provides loving care to insure that your pet continues to live a happy, healthy life at our free roam sanctuary.


Caroline's Kids Animal Care Program Quality care by a trained and experienced staff
Caroline's Kids Animal Care Program Veterinary services
Caroline's Kids Animal Care Program Specialized individual care for aging and illness
Caroline's Kids Animal Care Program Hospice care
Caroline's Kids Animal Care Program Up to date technology
Caroline's Kids Animal Care Program Heated and air conditioned living quarters
Caroline's Kids Animal Care Program A country setting featuring space and fresh air

Option 1

This option is designed to provide the guarantee that your pet will have a future home should you pass away or become unable to provide care due to incapacitation, or a change such as moving to a nursing home. Please use the following donation schedule to determine the one-time, non-refundable donation for your cat. The cost is per cat, and payable upon acceptance into the program. If there are two people, use age of youngest person.

Your Age

39 or less
70 an up


Should something happen to your cat prior to coming to Caroline's Kids, this donation is not refundable and will be used to help other cats in our care.

Caroline's Kids must be notified by your attorney or a family member as to your death or incapacitation. We must have been given prior authority by you in writing, through an attorney, that we may take immediate possession of your cat so the cat does not lack food, water and care.

If anything changes with you as to the name of your attorney or family member, or anything changes with your cat, notify Caroline's Kids immediately.

Option 2

This option is designed to provide continuing care for the feline pet that is left behind when its owner passes away or can no longer provide care and the need is IMMEDIATE.

This option is also available for a feline pet whose owner is seeking an IMMEDIATE resolution to any circumstance beyond those stated above.

The donation is a one time payment of $3,000.00 per cat upon acceptance of the cat into the program, and is non-refundable.

Caroline's Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are a no-kill sanctuary and never euthanize for any reason other than irrereversible pain and suffering.

Our cost to give your pet quality care is $3,000.00. This cost may increase considerably and is absorbed by Caroline's Kids should your cat become ill for an extended time.

Please fill out the Acceptance Form and forward with the correct donation to: Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue/Sanctuary 7394 Morley Road Concord Twp., Ohio 44077


Option 3

Make Caroline's Kids the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

This option makes it easier for pet owners to provide lifetime care for their pets. Many pets lose their homes when their owners die or become disabled. Family and friends are not always able to take on the responsibility, and the pet is left to an uncertain fate. This option is designed to provide continuing care for the feline that is left behind when it's owner passes away through the use of life insurance. You may designate Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue as a beneficiary of either an existing or new life insurance policy.

Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue asks that you provide a $3,000.00 minimum bequest per pet. By enrolling in the Caroline's Kids Love for Life Program you will receive peace of mind knowing that your beloved feline companions will continue to receive tender loving care and any medical care they need.

You may wish to designate Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue as a beneficiary to receive a portion of the income from your retirement funds, beyond what is needed to support you and your family comfortably. You may also wish to make Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue the beneficiary of a trust or annuity. These assets can be structured to provide support for you or your family for life, with a gift to the Sanctuary thereafter.

For any questions or to set up a time for discussion, call Judie Brown, director: 440-449-3496.

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