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Carolines Kids Pet Rescue and Cat Shelter in northeast Ohio


Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue


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Samsone, one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

Seth, one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

Caroline's Kids Product Wish List


We have over 250 cats in our care and these items are needed all the time. This is a list of items used in ONE MONTH.

Donations may be delivered to 7394 Morley Road (corner Morley and Hoose) Concord Township, Ohio 44077. Please enter from Hoose driveway.

CAT LITTER - we use 4,800 pounds per month
* Premium Choice Scoopable in 25# or 40# bags

Per month we use:
1,116 of the 13.5 oz. cans of food
960 of the 5 oz. cans of food
6 cases of Fancy Feast Pate' varieties
750 pounds of dry food

If you would like to donate, the kind we like:
* Friskies flavors of Ocean Whitefish and Tuna, Turkey and Giblets, Salmon and Mixed Grill.
* 5 oz. cans of 9 Lives any flavors except Tuna
* Fancy Feast Pate' Turkey, Seafood or Chicken varieties
* Purina Regular Cat Chow in blue bag, Purina Naturals and Purina Indoor dry foods
* Temptations Treats

PAPER TOWELS - we use at least 120 rolls per month

LARGE TRASH CAN LINERS - we use 250 per month



GIFT CARDS: PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, Lowe's Home Depot, Office Max, Staples

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Please support Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue, a no-kill cat sanctuary located in Concord, Ohio. Please donate to our cat charity today!

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