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Rescued cats have special home for the holidays

as seen on WKYC Channel 3's Newscast by Mike O'Mara, broadcasted 11/23/07.

CONCORD TOWNSHIP -- Sanctuary house purrfect for 180 cats in Lake County, Ohio.

Motorists driving by the brown home on Morley Road, have few clues they are passing something special. This two story house on two acres of land belongs to cats, not people.

Every room, every available space is dedicated to rescued cats. Even the rafters become an extended tree house for the 180 felines.

This cat's only facility is called the "Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue" house. It is staffed by 20 volunteers, and a veterinary technician.

Sanctuary co-founder, Judie Brown, told Channel 3's Mike O'Mara, "we take in the old, the special needs, the handicapable and the cats who need surgery. We also bring in the ones who have cancer, feline leukemia, FIV. Our commitment to them is for life".

In every room, there are kind hearted volunteers who spend time with the animals.

Bill Ross was holding "Ivy" as the cat showered him with kisses. "She's just loveable and she wants to be loved and held," said Ross. "You can see she's a gentle cat."

In the outer room, Vet Tech, Judy Paranish was inserting an IV into Angel, a older black cat.

"She gets fluids everyday", said Paranish. "Her kidneys are failing."

With 180 cats in residence, the bills keep growing. The sanctuary goes through 50 pounds of dry food and 48 cans of wet food every day.

Judy Kesler, another unpaid volunteer,was busy cleaning one of a dozen litter boxes. Moments later, that clean box was already being used by a young tabby cat.

"I just got done with this. How dare they!, laughed Judy.

The cats go through almost 3,000 pounds of litter a month.

Said Kesler, "they need to be cared for. They didn't ask to be in this situation".

The price tag to keep Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue is approximately $10,000 a month.

Co-founder, Tom Brown, says he can never stop asking for donations. "I'm proud to say I am begging for the cats. Not for me, not for my wife. I'm begging for the them. And if you love animals, you'll understand why".

Added, his wife, Judie, "it's our promise to these cats. All the medical care, all the food, and all the love we can provide".

Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue Wish List:
scoopable litter
canned or dry cat food
paper towels
window perches
cat beds
tall kitchen trash bags
Gift cards to PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, Home Depot and Lowe's.

For more information call 440-299-7976

Donations can be sent to: Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue P.O. Box 24068, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124


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